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So excited about this planner release! This is one I personally was waiting for and wanted to get it RIGHT! This planner has monthly pages to check off how often you post regular content and video content, it has weekly layouts, tabs for instagram, Pinterest, youtube and facebook. Helps you keep up with all the finance, sponsorships, giveaways and advertising. Fill out pages on your brand and what make you, YOU! Notes pages and vision boards. Trackers to see how your growth is coming across all platforms... goal plans and MORE!!!! Over 28 pages not including the months! 



PDF File

     - Cover

     -  month layout

     - weekly layout

     - Instagram: Month layout, post planner, feed planner, story planner and notes.

     - Youtube: channel details, statistics, video planner and notes 

     - Facebook: post planner and notes

     - Pinterest: post planner, vision board and notes 

     - brand: all about your brand, hashtags, vision board, goals

     - Work: TO DO, content ideas, inspiration board, brain dump

     - Trackers: social media, advertisements, giveaways, sponsored, accounts

    - Finances: income, expenses, yearly income and notes

     - notes tab


28 different designed pages not including each month layout!! That’s tons of help to get your marketing ON POINT!

Social Media Planner

  • This is a digital planner download to be used in an app sold separately on the App Store. You can use the apps GoodNotes, notability and other PDF annotation apps. We recommend GoodNotes. This is just a one time purchase in the app store and you can store all of your planners and stickers and use in this app. 

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