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Notebook Pal insert | made for our planner pal folder system


We have another planner pal release! On that I am already using and LOVE iT! This is the all in one digital planner pal. It helps you keep track of everything! Today we released another pal to go inside our planner pal, the notebook pal. This is a lined notebook with tons of tabs to organize all of your notes and get some stuff off your brain. It is a split screen format which works perfect on your iPad and iPhone! Have it with you wherever you go The best part is you don't have to move this info to a new planner each time. Planner pal in alwasy ready to go and doesn't need to be bought new every year like a normally calendar! 



WHAT IS PLANNER PAL? It's sold separately:

So excited to actually be offering the planner pal to yall! This is a little dream planner I had in my mind for awhile. I always have screenshots, doodles, notes, budget info, passwords, tips and so much more in random places. On my notes app, in several difference planners on goodnotes, photos app and more. I was constantly forgetting where I added something and the search feature was becoming my best friend. Although it still took time going to each place to try and find what I was looking for. NO MORE! Planner pal organizes your life and your brain (lol). Its cute and so functional. You can purchase our planner pal "inserts" to go inside of our planner pal folders. This allows you to be able to basically go into several planners while never leaving your planner pal. It's a planners dream! You can do it all in split screen so no more back and forth and you know exactly where you stored things. 


I also was finding it time consuming to transfer book reviews and more at the end of each year when I wanted to start a new planner or if I wanted to switch planners in the middle of the year. I had to transfer all my important stuff I wanted to my new planenr. Now planner pal is always together and ready for you to use without having to copy over tons of pages. It's your PAL in every way! I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I have!



<<< W H A T ‘ S   I N C L U D E D

- 1 pdf file



*** READ THIS ***

These stickers are ready to use as soon as you purchase and download to your ipad or preferred device. 

This is a digital download to be used in an app GOODNOTES sold separately on the App Store. This is just a one time purchase from the App Store and then you can buy as many digital planners and digital stickers to use in that one app! 



>>> Y O U T U B E


>>> S O C I A L   M E D I A






Notebook Pal

  • This is a digital file PDF for you to use in a pdf annotation app sold separately on the App Store. You can use the apps GoodNotes, notability, penly, xodo, zoomnotes and other PDF annotation apps. We recommend GoodNotes. This is just a one time purchase in the app store and you can store all of your planners and stickers and use in this app. We have video tutorial on YouTube showing you the best options for storing stickers! 

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