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Something else that’s been on my mind is having a system to help us stay on top of our homes. Tidying areas we may forget about or just making sure everything gets cleaned within a year. I came up with this system for 12 months of cleaning. Each month there’s a widget available for 4 main tasks. The idea is to do one a week for all 12 months. I love this and I think it makes it manageable for our busy lives. Plus a WHOLE lot more fun. Productivity and Fun are what Breezy O is ALL about. I hope these are fun and productive for you TOO! 


<<< W H A T ‘ S   I N C L U D E D

- individual PNGs in white and dark grey text (NO goodnotes file included)




*** READ THIS ***

These stickers are ready to use as soon as you purchase and download to your ipad or preferred device. 

This is a digital download to be used in an app GOODNOTES sold separately on the App Store. This is just a one time purchase from the App Store and then you can buy as many digital planners and digital stickers to use in that one app! 



>>> Y O U T U B E


>>> S O C I A L   M E D I A






Home Focus Yearly Widgets

  • This is a zipped digital sticker folder. It has precropped PNG (no background) image stickers for you to use in your digital planner or PDF annotation apps sold separately on the App Store. You can use the apps GoodNotes, notability and other PDF annotation apps. We recommend GoodNotes. This is just a one time purchase in the app store and you can store all of your planners and stickers and use in this app. We have video tutorial on YouTube showing you the best options for storing stickers! 

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