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Digital Christmas iPhone Planner | Holiday planner for phone for goodnotes and pdf apps


So far I am loving the iPhone planners! I love to plan on my ipad and then have it fit my iphone perfectly for while I am out. So since Christmas is coming up I HAD to have a cute christmas planner with me at all times. This little planner is so perfect. Has just what you need without it being overwhelming. If you need a big, big Christmas planner we offer that in the shop too =) This covers gifts, recipes, activities, expenses, movies, stocking ideas list, bucket list, and party planning! It’s so much fun and cute with the dashboard icon page. You can get back to the dashboard by click anywhere along the top of the planner. It’s so easy to use on an ipad or iphone….or both like me! Hoping this brings you holiday joy this season!! Merry Christmas! 


The planner that fits your phone. This was designed for the IPhone 13 pro max but should fit close to any phone screen size. If you don't have an iphone you can try our notes planner for free on our website breezyorganization to make sure the basic functions work on your app/phone before purchasing. 


<<< W H A T ‘ S   I N C L U D E D

- 1 PDF file of the Christmas iPhone Planner



*** READ THIS ***

These stickers are ready to use as soon as you purchase and download to your ipad or preferred device. 

This is a digital download to be used in an app GOODNOTES sold separately on the App Store. This is just a one time purchase from the App Store and then you can buy as many digital planners and digital stickers to use in that one app! 



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Christmas iPhone Planner

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