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After weeks and weeks of research and designing I have finally come up with what I think is the ULTIMATE Pregnancy Planner! I am SO excited to finally upload these colorful pages in my shop for all of you moms and soon-to-be moms!! This planner includes places for you to record thoughts, facts about baby, size of baby, info, tips, quotes, and even preggo jokes from week to week! Its a huge mixture but covers all the important things you will need to know about this journey you have just begun! Also has several additional pages such as hospital pack list, baby essentials, labor and delivery, I'm pregnant and more!! See below for full descriptions!



- Cover
- Week to Week Journal/Planner 
We have three trimester pages with links directly to each week for quick access. 
from week 4 to 41 we have you covered! Each page is mixed up a bit with a variety of different info. Such as; facts, journaling spots, questions to answer, polls, jokes, quotes, to do and the size of the little one growing inside <3

You'll have so much fun filling out this page! Write down the when, where, and how you will pop the news and lots more fun info!

- Baby Dreams
What colors you want in the nursery? Which names does mommy like? Which ones does daddy favor? And more!

- lil bout me
Ever wonder what your mom was like when she was pregnant? What was her favorite food, book, hobby...? where did she work? how life was? this page is meant to describe how your life was right before pregnancy. You'll have so much fun filling out this page! Write down the when, where, and how you will pop the news and lots more fun info!


- Letter to baby
One for mommy and one for daddy to write.


- Baby Shopping
This is a must have! You may think you know what you need but this list is awesome! The top list is essential stuff (how many outfits, covers...) and a bottom list of "Nice to have" items! 

- letters to baby from mommy and daddy

- the bump! 
Put picture of your bump, the size and your wonderful weight on this page!! Week by week if you want! 

- Doctors Appointments
Keep tack of the dates, times, notes, your weight, and question you want to ask your doc all on one sheet!

- Baby Shower Gift List
Keep track of what you received and to send thank yous out.

- Hospital Pack list
Have no clue what to pack?! This list has check list for mommy, daddy and baby so everything is covered! Also good know things like don't bring a nightgown or clothes that you do not want is messy! 


- Labor and Delivery
Keep track of your thoughts and feelings, who was in the room and other little details you don't want to forget!

- all about the baby
Once your little one arrives you can import a picture and write in weight, length and date along with all the details! 

- Notes Page

Baby Bump Planner (pregnancy journal)

  • This is a digital planner download to be used in an app sold separately on the App Store. You can use the apps GoodNotes, notability and other PDF annotation apps. We recommend GoodNotes. This is just a one time purchase in the app store and you can store all of your planners and stickers and use in this app. 

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