We are so excited to finally release our two new planners! The ultimate Home Planner and the Pinterest Planner! From redecorating, building, remodel, organizing or just dreaming -- this planner for FOR YOU! Each icon is clickable and takes you to boards to insert pictures, write in measurements and so much more! Use arrows to point out what you love in the picture, make lists, plan your projects, plan your diys and SO MUCH MORE! Watch our YouTube videos and read our item descriptions for more info. You are gonna LOVE IT!

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whether you are planning a wedding, starting a business, running a side hustle, homeschooling or just day to day living, we have a planner for YOU!

I love how stickers give any planner personality! Let's face it, it's a lot more fun to schedule all the things when you have all the stickers -- am I right?! Shop our wide variety of modern, boho + minimalist style stickers!

we want your digital planning experience to be perfect and fun! We have a video tutorial page to get you started and a YouTube channel with new uploads WEEKLY!


The Life Planner is breezy O's baby. We dreamt it, designed it and LOVE it! This planner comes with it all. Daily, weekly and monthly views (which are not in the way if you choose not to use one version). Finance, vision boards, goals, password and notes built in! Stickers included AND the BEST PART -- WIDGETS!

Widgets are what makes this planner stand out. This allows YOU to customize the planner the way YOU need. Make it WORK for you! If you exercise you can pop in a widget for that week or day -- if you don't work out -- it's not in your way because you didn't buy the widget and put it there! 

With widgets you can literally change up the design and use of your planner DAILY. Buy only the widgets you need (and want 😜) and make the customizable planner of your dreams! We have so many fun widgets that take the planner experience to a whole new level -- a HOBBY that also helps productivity! Still not sold yet? Watch the video!! I know you will just LOVE IT!

all in ONE planner
your new favorite hobby
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